Anti-Racism Training

Three anti-racist trainings I’ve completed and recommend:

Me and White Supremacy

Training Workbook by Layla Saad

This superb 28-day journey includes study, journaling and motivation to confront personal values, behavior and remedies to racism. For me, it’s been the most effective so far.

My key learning: Sometimes I unfortunately have remained silent in the face of racist comments in a professional setting. Now I push back.

Time: averages 30-40 minutes per lesson

Cost: approx. $20

More info:


Online Training

This 21-day course is structured around an audio/video recording that defines the issue, an article for deeper exploration, questions to ask and actions we can do.

My key learning: Schools skim over the truth about enslavement, reconstruction, lynching and Jim Crow. Without knowing this evil history we cannot see how much we white people owe to Black Americans. Now I study this history daily.

Time: averages 20-45 min. per lesson

Cost: free

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Implicit Bias


Newly developed by the Orange County (CA) Human Relations Council

My key insight: For 10+ years as a kid I was exposed to daily TV full of negative and demeaning stereotypes of Black and Latinx people. This has warped my unconscious thought even until today. Now I stay vigilant to short-circuit my own hidden bias.

Time: 2 three-hour sessions

Cost: $200

More info: or Julie Vu at email hidden; JavaScript is required

Anti-Racism Videos

You can find instructive videos on YouTube by searching for:

  • Alicia Garza
  • Opal Tometi
  • Patrice Cullors
  • Ta Nehisi Coates
  • Cornel West
  • William Barber

and many more…

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